Vision Without Lensese

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Transform Your Vision (Forever)
in 56 Days Flat!

NO Magic Pills, NO Extreme Surgeries, NO Drugs, NO Expensive Contact Lens Or Glasses...

Discover the little-known *Secrets* that celebrities, pilots, military personnel, photographers, fashion designers and countless others use to
Get Perfect Vision without glasses permanently!


Hi, my name is Dr Thomas, and in the next few minutes I’m gonna share with you about something that has been called

“The most powerful natural eye improvement system ever created!”

It involves a little known science which was discovered almost 90 years ago, that combined with certain easy-to-learn techniques proven to help you achieve near perfect 20/20 vision

....and produce a long lasting vision without lenses, via a system so effective that it will transform your vision in just 8 weeks or less!

Yes that’s just 56 days from now.


Does it sound impossible to you?

Well, this is the secret that many celebrities or everyday people with professions that require highly accurate vision, use to help achieve near perfect eyesight and keep that result for long time.

And it’s the same secret that many shrewd businessmen behind those large eye laser surgery clinics have been hiding from you.

Now, granted, you are probably not one of those who require near perfect vision as much as those people would require....and you may never step on to the world of celebrities or fashion.

But let’s face it, we all get sick and tired of spending tons of money on useless contact lens and expensive glasses, or even to spend a single dime on laser corrective surgery which is so dangerous and risky that it would probably blind you up.

Most people like you find that even the most expensive contact lens may sting, itch or scratch or every morning it’s like you having to POP your eyeballs into your head.

So whether if you want to wake up and seeing the alarm clock clearly without feeling being hand-cuffed to your glasses or contact lens just to get through the day...
Or if you are finally serious enough to stop pretending that optometrists and laser eye surgeries can help you get the perfect vision which you always dreamt of, then..


Reading This Letter Today Could Be A
Major Turning Point In Your Life!


It’s also important to know that this web page will not stay online any much longer. As such you may never see this page again day after tomorrow!

But I have to give you a WARNING though.

What you’ll be reading from the letter below is completely opposite from what you’ve been hearing from the eye care industry, whether it’s from your everyday optometrists or medical publications you’ve been reading about recently.

I can assure you that you’ve been lucky enough upon this quick and reliable way to regain your natural vision abilities because it’s been a sad fact that..


“Research has proven that by wearing glasses
or contact lenses will
Destroy Your Vision
Over time”


The simple truth is, your reading glasses or your expensive contact lenses are the real reasons why you are not getting the perfect vision you are after.

And worst of all, they could even cause harmful permanent damage to your eyes!

One of the leading contributors to Optical Journal Review has this to say about the lenses


Here are some snippets from leading research publications which validate the above statements

"Minus lenses (glasses) are the most common approach, yet the least likely to prevent further myopic progression (nearsightedness). Unfortunately, they increase the nearpoint stress that is associated with progression."

—May, 1984. Optometric Extension Program Foundation.


"The use of compensatory lenses (glasses and contacts) to treat or neutralize the symptoms does not correct the problem. The current education and training of eye care practitioners discourages preventive and remedial treatment."

—Gottlieb, 1982. Journal of Optometry and Visual Development


It makes sense if you really think about this, who would stand to lose out the moment people like you stop using any glasses and stop buying contact lenses anymore?

Prescription glasses and contact lenses are billion dollar industries and those people from inside don’t want you to achieve permanent perfect vision.

I’ve been in this ophthalmology business for more than 30 years and I’ve never given away these insider secrets on a public page like this, so please read it all right now while you can.

Here’s the thing...

Whether you need to ultimately gain perfect 20/20 vision or getting rid of your glasses for life, you can start your vision transformation immediately.

The secrets I’ll share with you:

Has nothing to do with worthless drugs or magic pills
Has nothing to do with dangerous eye corrective laser surgery
Does not require you try worthless self-help programs
And you definitely will not go broke buy funny looking gadgets or glasses

What we are talking about is quickly and happily achieving real perfect vision results for your eyes naturally with no gimmicks or whatsoever

....and you are going to feel incredibly powerful while springing out of your bed every morning feeling excited to embrace the day as well as seeing the world clearly, naturally, the way your eyes are meant to work.

And you’ll actually end up doing the career you’ve always wanted or start doing things which you never thought possible with those glasses on.


How Do I Know This Will Work For You?

Because I used this secret myself to help me achieve perfect 20/20 vision and get rid of my old glasses for good.

And it’s the exact system which I’ve used to help over hundreds of people to achieve quick and permanent vision without lenses.

If you are fed up with popping up your contacts in your eyes the second you rolled out of bed or getting broke buying all sorts of prescription glasses or disposables....

If you think you’ve heard all the BS your other optometrists have been feeding you...

...then I’m betting you haven’t heard about the secret untold 90-year formula which I’m going to share with you today.

And yes...

It’s proven to work whether you’ve struggled to keep yourself from needing reading glasses in your entire life, like what Betty did:

Testimonial #1

I think was one of the people who was given a chance to review and try our Dr Thomas's Vision Without Lenses course before it first got into the market. Initially my right eyes was on 20/100 while my left was 20/60 with additional correction for astigmatism. I was also experiencing problems like double vision which required a 2D prism with 1D in each of my lens

Well you know what, after a few weeks on the program and with Dr Thomas's expert help in clarifying certain issues, I saw some improvement on my vision with 20/50 on the right and 20/40 on the left .

When I checked with my optometrist last week ago I've reached about 20/20 on my right eye and 20/30 on my left, with no more double vision problem like I used to.

To be frank, when you invest in this couse and when used properly it will definitely change your life as much as it has changed mine. Getting a perfect vision is no longer a miracle now.

Many thanks to Dr Thomas for putting up all these together!

Betty Carlson
Alhambra, CA


Testimonial #2

I've actually read many books on natural vision improvement and have tried many of the stuff they recommend but found no apparent results, until I found Dr Thomas's Vision Without Lenses.

With clear guidance and great tips along the way, Dr Thomas's course has never failed me in helping me to get the kind of eyesight which many people have considered miracles to just to get.

I recommend this course to anyone seeking most effective methods to help them improve their vision without resorting to any expensive or risky lasik surgeries.

Philip V. Garcia
Rockford, IL



Or you just want permanent vision without lenses back just like Mike:

Testimonial #3


Thank you so much for your quick reply on my last email. I've bought your program about 4 weeks ago and have started to learn all about the exercises which you are teaching. Then I went to do an eyetest recently and my old time optician was quite surprised with the sort of improvement which he said he hasn't seen anything like that before, especially with my growing age.

Thanks again for making this opportunity available for people like me

Marvin Carvalho
Miami, FL


Yes I heard you. I know that there has been alot of misinformation and contradicting statements out there, and with many scammers and snake oil peddlers out there, it can feel quite impossible to know who would you want to believe or not.

So perhaps let me explain quickly.


Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m a well qualified and respected optometrist and I’ve been doing my practice for over 30 years, trying to help people to get over with their eye problems.

I helped with all the knowledge I could have learnt as a qualified optometrist but finally it took more than 30 years to chance upon a major discovery that completely changed my life as well as my practice as an optical doctor

I wasn’t really helping people, but rather, am just covering up the whole deeper problem.

Finally it was during one of those days as I was doing my extensive research into better ways of helping my patients, I chanced upon the research work done by the name of a gentleman called Dr W.H Bates.

To be frank, this discovery has profoundly changed my life and my practice as a qualified optical doctor.

You see, even after more than 30 years in this ophthalmology business and having done countless studies with other patients, ironically, I had to lose an eye to be able to see the obvious.

It shocked me to the core when I realized these 3 most important secrets that none of you may have heard of but are just as important as why aren’t you getting the perfect vision you are after

How your glasses or contact lenses which you’ve been wearing are almost *GUARANTEED* to destroy your vision over time ...and a little DIY test to prove this yourself
The obvious reason why optometrists like us were so misinformed and sceptical to Dr Bates natural vision improvement..(no matter how convincing they seemed to you in the first place)
How long forgotten Dr W.H Bates secrets could not only save lives but massively speed up the recovery up to 400% from common vision problems such as Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyperopia(far-sightedness), Presbyopia (old-age sight), Macular degeneration, eyestrain, glaucoma and more within just 8 weeks of starting the program


Surprisingly, all these materials were not revealed to most people even when I was pursuing my professional practice.

I finally realized that whatever we’ve learnt and being taught thorough our profession was done for that very reason – to help fuel the billion dollar industry that churns out worthless glasses, contact lenses, accessories, surgeries and countless others.



If these options work so well, then why haven’t you been told about them before?

Well frankly, I don’t really buy into conspiracy theories, but facts are still facts.

Most of the doctors profit really comes down to selling you their glasses, contact lenses and all the accessories which you will need year after year.

If these options were to be presented to everyone as an option, then there will be no people buying new glasses every year, and that would mean no money being spent – every year.

You get the point.


Getting perfect vision is not difficult!

But as you may probably realized, most of the reading glasses and contact lenses are only temporary at best. That’s because most of the stuff out there are designed to fail you.

Glasses and contact lens aren’t cheap but that’s what you’ve been spending every year to fund the whole industry.

Apparently these are the same old stuff that makes you loose them; scratch them, drop them, or bend them all out of shape, so you can continue to spend a bomb on buying yet another one.

Those people working behind the industry will never work alongside real people like you to see what it really takes to help you get the perfect vision everyone has been after.

They won’t know the kind of struggle people like you have been going through to overcome your vision problem.

Eye laser companies and other lens marketing companies would only see you as a blip on a sales chart – not a human being.

The system developed by Dr Bates has been backed by years of extensive research and testing with real people.

I’ve personally tested this and guided hundreds of people as they transform their vision into near perfect and took control of their career and opportunities.

I know what it takes to get the kind of vision you want. It’s not always a walk in the park. But here’s the good news


If You Keep Wearing The "Same Old Glasses" Or Buying The Latest Disposables ...You Will NEVER Achieve The Permanent Perfect Vision You’ve Always Dreamt Of

And what could be far more worse is...

Subjecting yourself to the wrong misconception that eye surgery may solve your problem could be just as dangerous as the problem itself

Maybe you’ve been thinking to yourself that perhaps you’ll just look into corrective eye surgery so you will never have to worry about being effected by vision glasses and contact lens.

Unfortunately, lasik eye surgery is both an expensive and risky alternative mean of treatment, where a full eye surgery procedure will cost you at least $5000 and there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that you will get perfect vision or not needing your glasses again.

Here's the recent price statistics compiled recently


In fact, during the year 2008, FDA has officially announced that they would be doing a full re-evaluation on the safety of laser eye surgery, due to the increasing amount of complaint and horror stories it receives every single month!

I may need to remind you that even after paying those large amount of bills for the laser eye surgery, you’ll also go through the hassle of frequent doctor visits months after the treatment.

There were also cases being reported that many patients who have undergone laser eye surgery have experienced temporary improvement but relapsed into critical conditions a few short months after the surgery.

Serious side effects like the following have also been reported.

Constantly seeing halos effect around lights at nighttimes
Struggling to read after surgery
Severe Dry eyes following surgery
Vision getting worsen day by day
Frequent eye infection and irritation
Loss of vision or Permanent blindness

Here are the typical days where you've get massive problems with your eyes after lasik surgery.

Remember, your condition after lasik surgery could have been far more worst than what is displayed here...

Aside from huge piles of surgery bills which you need to pay, you’ll also have to go though the agony and hassle of inconvenient doctor visit for even months after the treatment.

In fact, here's the actual bill by a patient who has undergone a lasik treatment. Just take a look at the numbers

Perfect Laser Eye Surgeries Does Not Exist!

Now you know why there are many laser eye surgeries have become epic failures. You'd be surprised when there are many people who have undergone Lasik surgery have found that their vision not only failed to improve but was also seriously damaged in the process


Here are some eye deterioration samples of what other people may experience after going through lasik eye surgery




The media has even reported some of the extreme cases caused by the lasik surgeries



Did You Know That There Are Thousands Of
Laser Eye Clinics In America Alone?

Yet NONE of them can guarantee results for everybody. It’s just physically impossible.

How much risk and hassle would it take to try one laser eye surgery centre looking for the perfect vision solutions for you?

Yet there are so many people gamble their life away by blindly subjecting their eyes though the surgery but only fall deeper into depression when nothing works.

If Glasses And Prescription Contact Lenses Harm Vision And Surgery Is Too Risky, Then How Can I Ever Get To Improve My Vision?

I can assure you that all it really takes to guarantee your perfect vision it to remove the “vicious spiral” of habitual & unconscious misuse of your eyes and completely eliminate these “bad habits” by simply following these correct ways for only a few minutes a day.

The truth is...

You Already Have The Ability
To Get Perfect Vision...Naturally!

To prove the above statement, firstly, let me give you a few scenarios for you to ponder

When you were born, do you realize that doctors never really checked your eyesight as they pulled you from your mother’s womb right?

And guess what?

Eventually you’ll still be able to learn to walk, without the use of any glasses.

Didn’t you?

Here’s another scenario to consider.

You have seen how the natives live their life in the wild, especially from documentaries on TV.

You could have also seen them how they would hunt for their food, building the hunting tools and make some crafts.

But when was the last time you saw these people squint their eyes or struggle to even focus on their prey?

Hence, if you didn’t really need any glasses as a small child, and neither do those living in the wild, then why are there many people today subjected themselves to wearing those expensive glasses or contacts?

And that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in my best-selling program; Vision Without Lenses ™


“The Most Often Overlooked Yet Super-Simple Cause Of Vision Problems Finally Revealed!”

Let’s put it this way, vision problems are actually a learnt trait.  Actually it’s all about good and bad habits.

Dr Bates has gone through hundreds of careful examination and testing in which he has made this crucial discovery; that almost all vision problems are due to bad habits which the people have been developing in the process of seeing.

After discovering the principles taught by Dr Bates, I was able to help thousands of patients to  gain perfect vision


Helping You Improve Eyesight Naturally

The system I teach is the system I use

No you do not need to spend like crazy over any medication or expensive glasses to get incredible results of your perfect vision – not even close

Once you’ve finally understood the simple overlooked and ultra-simple underlying cause of your vision problems, you’ll realize that your eyes already have the natural ability to correct themselves

This is further proven and demonstrated by Dr Bates himself.


And the greatest part is...with Vision Without Lenses™ you will

Never have to buy anymore glasses and prescription glasses
Start looking great with your new look of yours
Get safe and permanent perfect vision for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!


If you’re ready to see the world clearly like you never imagined possible, then this is the perfect vision system you’ve been searching for.

Forget all the..

Confusing and contradictory information which you find in other ebooks online or magazines (Many of these publications are either owned by the same companies that produce the same worthless and expensive glasses or written by mom and pop ebook peddlers hiding behind their websites
Laser eye surgery that work perfectly for genetic lottery winners, but NOT for regular people like you (The first thing you’ll do with my system is to determine the actual underlying vision problem causes for your unique eyes so you know you are using the correct treatment methods)
Straight up vision improvement scams that sound great but offer nothing in value or any real methods for getting the perfect vision naturally


Thousands of fads come and go, but I’m proud to say that Vision Without Lenses™ based on the improved version of Dr Bates have been the top most effective vision correction course, because it flat out works!

I’ve already spent years in perfecting this system that made use of previously unknown methods to help you get your perfect vision back, naturally and permanently.

This “Dr Bates 2.0” can be applied to almost all common visual problems, which includes

Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)   Light Sensitivity
Near-Sightedness (Myopia)   Eyestrain
Astigmatism   Dyslexia
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)   Poor Night Vision
Macular Degeneration   Tension Headache
Cross-Eye (Strabismus)   Cataract
Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)   ....and more

It works for men, women, old people, young people...stubborn people, people who have completely given up, or were convinced because they’ll be forever confined to using glasses for the rest of their lives.

....even people who were on the verge of "begging" their doctors for extreme drug medications or even dangerous laser eye surgeries to get the best vision.

Using this system, I was able to take all these poor people and then turn them around and finally show them the real natural treatments that don’t require ANY expensive supplements.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get rid of their glasses. I’ve even helped 80 year-old patients to develope perfect vision for this system.  I can do the same for you...

Presenting to you...

Vision Without Lenses

In this program with newly improved and simplified Dr Bate’s successful program, I’ll take you by the hand, walking through step by step way to help you restore the near perfect vision in as little as 59 days.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn inside

The real reasons why you are having eye strain and how you can learn my fool-proof 1 minute relief from headaches and eye strain without drugs. Pills and other harmful chemicals..


A common deadly diagnostic mistake often made by inexperienced optometrists which may get your eyes feeling stressed and how you can correct these ailments from the comfort of your own home!


How eye glasses can be dangerous for your vision instead of helping you


The untold truth about corrective lenses and how you could have wasted hundreds of dollars just on these alone.


Powerful yet effective massage techniques you can apply straight away to help you improve your vision


How to nurture your eyes without resorting to buying useless products recommended by your opticians


How *special* type of glasses can be used to improve your vision


Learn all about my special booster techniques to get significant vision improvement results in less than a month!


Step by step simple visual techniques to help achieve your near perfect vision almost effortlessly


Effective natural eye remedies to help you treat myopia, astigmatism, dry eyes and other common problems without calling your doctors!


Top eye relaxation techniques which are my clients’ all time favourites


Other common factors which may hinder you from getting the perfect eyesight you’re after


Other special vision exercises to improve your eyesight


..and much more!


Listen To Cassanda from CA, U.S.

"...So after going though the whole program I must say that I'm totally impressed with the great amount of useful tips for me to try out."

"...In fact I've already tried out some of the techniques mentioned
in the program and have been surprised with some great results
over my eyesight. I also did some eyetest to really check out
how far my eyes have improved."

"...Lastly I don't see any reason why you shoud not go and get yourself a copy of Vision Without Lenses program. It is definitely worth buying and if you don't like it you can just definitely ask for your
money back."




Testimonial #4

I bought the VIsion Without Lenses course about a month ago, after almost 12 years of battle with my vision problems. I'm now 68 and although I was extremely skeptical, I went ahead and bought it anyway after recommendations from others on this course.

Once I'v started your step by step vision restoration tips and techniques, I notice that my vision has improved quite a bit. Further checks with my optiometrist has confirm the results. It's quite difficult to explain how I felt about this but I must say that it's been a worthwhile journey with your course so far.

I look forward for that one fine day where I can forget all about my glasses which have been with me for years.

Lillie M. Haynes


If you don’t that it could work for you, then have a listen to some of my other customers who have gone through the system

Testimonial #5

To whom it may concern,

This is what I've experienced with Dr Thomas's Vision without Lenses course. When I first started this program a while ago, my prescription was up to -4.65 in each eye. I had to wear my old glasses as I've got some astigmatism problem. After about 2 months later I started to wear contact lenses at about -3.5 with no more correction for astigmatism. I have strong confidence that one day I'll be achieving my perfect vision and no longer need any glasses after all.

I still hear how people may come and tell me just how not possible it is to achieve pefect vision again considering my age. But I don't really care about them anymore as my improvement over my sight shows that this system really works.

Thank you Dr Thomas!

Matthew O. Gainer
Thomson, IL  


Testimonial #6

You course on getting perfect vision is definitely a must read for all those seeking to restore vision without any risky surgeries.

I've gone through the entire course content and tried out some of the techniques mentioned especially the ones mentione in one of your bonus materials. After checking up with my local optometrist, I must say that I'm pretty pleased with the results.

A highly recommended program.

Keshia Massey
Little Rock, AR

I know you can probably relate to the frustrations that many of the people you’ve read on this page before they even get a chance on near perfect vision life.

I can assure you this, it doesn’t have to be this way for you anymore.

You Can Finally Put A Stop To Your Vision From Getting Worse Every Year
You Can Forget About Spending A Dime For Stronger Glasses Every Year.
You Can Reverse Or Eliminate Your Vision Problems  Safely And Naturally, Just Thousands Of Others Who Have Tried This Program.


Losing Your Glasses And Contact Lenses Don’t Have To Be Torture For You Anymore!


With my improved system based on Dr Bates’s extensive research, you will get to work WITH your eyes’ natural ability to restore the perfect vision so you can stay with that forever. And I’ll be explaining exactly how we can achieve that in this short letter.

If you seriously want to reverse common diseases like Myopia, Hyperopia and other problems as well as learning how to improve your eyesight quickly, safely and naturally...without expensive drugs, risky surgery and without any side effects, then this is what you need to remember, starting from today


And You Will Never Need To Wear Any More Glasses From Now On!

Here are what Vision Without Lenses™ Can do for you

With your improved close up vision, you'll never go searching for your glasses again when you are picking up your newspaper or doing your cooking
You can finally stop wasting up to thousands of dollars on useless prescription glasses and other professional fees.
Watch your favouraite movies, play games, read signs from far away or see the mountains WITHOUT ever stressing yourselfs whether you've got glasses by your side.
With your improved night vision, you can get to read your favourite book using just a lamp
Start to use your computer *without* feeling any stinging or burning in your eyes.
Strengthen your eyes so you will not feel exhausted at the end of the day.
Finally you'll enjoy your well-deserved freedom of life without ever getting chained to your glasses or contacts...that's the way your eyes are meant to see


Testimonial #7

I'll be turning into 50 something this year and I have been coping with this glaucoma problem for years already. One of my friends recommended Vision Without Lenses, in which according to her, I can learn how to improve my circulation, which in turn can actually lower my intra-ocular pressure.

After learning some of the methods and giving some time off to practise them, I realized that my vision has improved quite a bit. I did some vision test from the local clinic recently and it has shown some remarkable results.

I definitely could not have achieved this far without Dr Thomas's vision course.

Ralph F. Darosa
New Albany, OH


...And you can get started today!

In fact, many of my clients find themselves feeling better and better day by day while some have found new career paths which were not possible if they were still wearing the glasses.

It’s simple, it’s fast and effective, and it creates permanent change in your vision.

Best of all, you’ll experience that raw energy that every perfect vision people feel.

All my successful clients who have undergone this course and discovered the secrets say they can’t wait to get up in the morning everyday and start their day...they devour life in great it with gusto to the fullest and then sleep like a baby at night.


All It Takes If 56 Days

How long will it take for you to get the permanent perfect vision? That depends on how willing you want to get started now

Use the program to learn all the tools and techniques to help you improve your vision, until you reach your long term goal. There is no such maintenance phase to having the perfect vision as the results are permanent.

You can use the program whether you are old or young, or have worn glasses recently or over your lifetime.

We have men and women using Vision Without Lenses™ program at every stage along the journey.


Still no convinced? Get this..

We have people from American Optometric Association who has these revealing confessions that many people are unaware of.



Here are more feedback from other successful customers

Testimonial #8

After trying out your course for about 3 weeks, I went and took and eye test again. Here are the improvements I've gained

-3.00D to -2.00D on the right eye and left eye from -3.25D to -2.5D.

I must say that this is the best program ever on improving vision naturally after trying out all other junks on the Internet. If you are serious about getting the kind of eyesight which you've always dreamed of, then you better listed to what Dr Thomas has to say


Lisa V. Castillo
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Testimonial #9

I never thought anything about using glasses which can actually harm my eyesight until I found your site. To be frank, even on improving one's eyesight naturally really sounded far-fetched for me.

After reading some other reviews online, I finally decided to try out your course since there's nothing to lose, if you actually to compare to risking your eyes with that lasik surgery.

I went though all the materials you've presented and I have to say you've done pretty good job in laying down the concepts and breaking down those topics especially the ones which you talked about specific eye massages. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this so I hope you can understand me.

Although I was a bit struggling at first, but later I've realized that I was having some good improvement over my eyes. I think I can see better and clearer than before. So I guess your course really did help me after all.

thanks for your help

Hazel Gibson 
Hutchinson, KS


Take Action Now

You can start to improve your vision today and get the results almost immediately – literally just minutes from now, because everything that you need is delivered in INSTANT access download (e-book) format!.

There will no shipping of any physical book and no waiting or whatsoever. Click on the link below...


You’re getting the best selling
Vision Without Lenses™ E-Book Online

It’s the “Bible of Perfect Vision”, with great tons of simple tried and true perfect vision improvement tips, tricks and methods.

Jam-packed with all the improved and simplified Dr Bates’ original methods previously known only to small handful of people.

This program does contain all the information which you’ll ever need to help you get rid of glasses and imperfect vision for good without resorting to any drugs or unnecessary laser eye surgeries.

This is not a quick fix where your perfect vision results would remain temporary and to have your old vision come back again..thisi s transforming your whole life!


Let me explain what’s going to happen over the next 56 days

First of’re never gonna hate because I’m never going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do (the program is structured chapters by chapters but also very flexible)

You’re also never going to hate yourself because the methods are so simple, with some take few minutes a day, and by day 7 I guarantee what you are going to wake up and think, “you know, this is kinda fun”.

And by day 15 you’re going to stand in front of the mirror and for the first time ever, you can see yourself cristal clear

And by day 30, your vision changes are going to be so drastic that you can start ditching your glasses and look fantastic all day long.

Your whole lifestyle changes are gonna be so dramatic, you’ll end up living the life you’ve always dreamt of

You get to see better up close without reading glasses
You get to see better in dim light
You can finally totally eliminate the use of bifocals
You can see the world much clearly now, naturally, the way your eyes are meant to work


After 60 days you would not believe in what you could see..


And to make it even easier for you, I’m giving you these exclusive bonuses worth at least $998 – FOR FREE!

As part of my incentives to you for ordering now, you'll get all these exclusive bonuses for FREE!

All these bonus materials will take all the guesswork and confusion out of improving your vision and your life everyday and making sure you'll get the best permanent perfect vision results which you've already dreamed of..

And you'll also get all the updates FREE for life!

Bonus #1: Original Bates Methods of Treatment

This is the original research paper by Dr Bates which present many proofs and experiments that support all the underlying statements against the use of prescription glasses to improve eyesight.

Although more than 100 years old, this book will give you better insight over practical methods for you to achieve perfect vision...the original Bate's style


Bonus #2: Exercises To Improve Your Vision

Here's your chance to take full advantage of some of the exercises presented in Vision Without Lenses™.

Most of these have been presented in a very simplified manner so you can learn these exercises more effectively.



Bonus #3: Effective Treatment For Common Eye Disorders

These are the list of effective treatments which are used to treat some of the many common eye disorders such as Myopia,
Presbyopia, Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration, Floating Specks, Dyslexia and much more..


Bonus #4: Updated Kick Ass Eye Charts

I've included many of the top effective formulated charts used by optometrists like us for you to print out during your sessions.

You can use these to gauge your visual fitness without spending your time going to the clinics to have them checked up.


Bonus #5: The healthy & better you

This is one of the most sought after book which will teach you how to live a healthier, happier and happy life.

In this book, you'll get to learn what are the best ways for you to create the kind of health regiment which will be effective towards your natural health.

Some of the techniques which the professional athletes use to help motivate themselves and how you can use these concepts to help yourself and apply them to your own life.


Bonus #6: The healing power of water

Here you can learn all about proper ways to select your food as well as right preparation to help you enjoy your perfect vision more.

This popular book will also help you to achieve beter health, free yourself from all the ailments which may plaque you, how to look good or feel better while maintaining good health and much more.

A real valuable insight into natural healing powers.


Bonus #7: Free lifetime updates

Whenever there's a latest version or updates of VisionWithoutLenses comes out, I will send it to you immediately FREE of Charge!

VisionWithoutLenses program is by far the most cost effective and proven methods to help you repair your vision quickly and naturally.

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Unique Power Subliminal MP3s & Video to Boost Eyesight Improvement

Do you know that your mind is the single most powerful tool that you've ever own?

It controls all the functions of your body, and can be used to improve your health and make other deep changes in your body - and yes that includes improving your eyesight.

Just by listening to these powerful mp3s will help send all the positive messages into your mind and help your eyes to function better. It does this by reprogramming your subconcious mind via subliminal positive affirmations.

These specially produced recordings have been engineered using proven audio techniques to deliver powerful positive affirmations to your subconscious mind.

This will also boost the blood and energy circulation around your eyes to help restore your vision while making your vision clearer.

Listening to these recordings will also help your eyes to relax, and by relaxing your eye muscles your eyes will be healthier and have better improved function.

Use daily for a period of a few weeks to start seeing results...literally!



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May be at the end of the day, you can either feel sorry for yourself or getting a little depressed, confused or frustrated about your vision as you are right now.

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When I first introduced my Vision Without Lenses™ system years ago, the only way to get it was via my consultation at my centre – where you may need to pay for your travel expenses as well as my other consultation fees.

But then I had a determination to reach out to as many people as possible.

I turned my Vision Without Lenses™ system into a complete step-by-step guidebook and the response was overwhelming.

It was since a bestseller ever since this course has been released to the Internet.

In fact..

Thousands of people have discovered the truth behind Vision Without Lenses™ system that can lead them to a better vision in record time...and now it’s your turn

Everything you need to know about how to improve your eyesight or getting the perfect vision without resorting to expensive laser eye surgery has been laid out perfectly in Vision Without Lenses™

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Just imagine having the opportunity to turn your life around and escape the tyranny of glasses, contact lenses and doctors forever!

Many of my satisfied customers whom I’ve met later have told me that one of the major boost in confidence for them is to have perfect vision..and they’ve been having such as fulfilling life because of the program.

It’s kinda like the fresh start of a new life, for most people!

And here’s the best part...

The one time payment of $37 is all you will ever need to pay. There will no extra hidden charges or continuous monthly charges.

For the sake of comparison, let’s compare the Vision Without Lenses™ program with the other 2 popular choices when it comes to treating the problems of your visions


Choice #1: Glasses & Prescription Lenses

ll these prescription glasses or contact lenses are one of your biggest ongoing expenses where every year you can easily spend close to a range of $500 - $800 dollars on a new pair. If you were to add up these cost overtime, you would have chalked up to $30,000 in your lifetime!

And not only that, these glasses and prescription contact lenses don’t really do what it takes to “improve” your vision. They are nothing but just band-aid for your eye problem.

However, once you’ve started to depend on them, you’ll get stuck with them for anything and everything else you do for the rest of your life.


Choice #2: Lasik Eye Surgery
The cost of having a laser / lasik eye surgery done is not a cheap option for you to consider. A quick survey with the current market reveals the average price from $3000 - $6000 per operation, and that price tag does not come with any guarantee that you can live without your glasses or contact lenses anymore.

You may have heard that some people could have gotten some great results out of the surgery, but you may never heard of them telling you that they needed back their glasses a few years down the road.

Not forgetting to mention about all the nasty and ill side effects which were widely reported such as dry or scratchy eyes, halo effect around the objects you see, glare, starbursts, blurred vision, double vision, light sensitivity and many others.

And that’s not all, listen to what US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has to say about his lasik eye surgery

"After Lasik surgery patients may still need to wear glasses to perform certain tasks. Also Lasik can't reverse prespyopia, that's the difficulty with near vision that comes with aging. So patients may need to wear glasses for close work and reading, even if they didn't need them before surgery."

With that said, it’s quite obvious that this option#2 may not be the best choice for you.


Choice #3: Natural Eye Treatment via Vision Without Lenses
The Vision Without Lenses™ helps you to solve the underlying causes of your vision problems and improves your vision from the inside.

There will be no hidden or ongoing cost  nor any side effects associated with the use of this program. The Vision Without Lenses™ are completely safe and will work quickly and easily.

And the greatest thing of all is that you can just get it at just the fraction of the cost of the glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery.

In my survey, most sellers out there over-promised what their products or service can do for you.

So consider this...

Let’s simply assume that the Vision Without Lenses™ costs you today for US37, and all it did was just stopped your vision from getting worse for the next, say 2 years. (I’m actually understating what this course can do)

Ask yourself this, would it be worth it?

It’s really a no-brainer question...of course it would!

You could have actually saved 2-4 times that much from spending on glasses or contact lenses in one year alone.

And it’s even more priceless when you can save yourself from the constant worries of your vision getting worse year after year.

Just take listen to what others have said about this program which over-delivers on what people expect. Their visions have improved tremendously more than they can ever expect from using this course and finally they are freed from needing anymore glasses or prescription lenses.

And I want you to feel 100% confident about your purchase so you can start to begin your full eye transformation today with a clear mind.

That’s why you’ll also get to

Take a full 60 days to try my Vision Without Lenses™ for yourself with absolutely no risk

What this means is that if you find this program is not exactly as what I promised ..or it’s just not for you – for any reason --- then I insist you to write to me and I’ll issue you an immediate refund, no question asked


100% money back guaranteeYour satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks. Use the program to the max.

You will be thrilled with your results, or I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.


The brand new perfect eyesight will permanently be with you. However, the real challenge will be on me to deliver everything which I’ve promised you today and more.

Let me help you and get the real perfect vision you’ve been longing for.

I’ve already made and revised this course to make this so easy, so simple and so much fun..that you will soon forget in just a couple of days that you’re even on a program to help improve your eye vision because the improvement process will have already started.

I’ve done this over and over again with my clients and other who have gone through this course.

It’s proven and it works!

I don’t care just how sceptical you are, I don’t care just how long you’ve been stuck with your glasses or contact lens, I don’t care how much you’ve struggled in your life with that poor vision of yours  and I don’t care just how many career opportunities you may have lost due to poor eyesight...

This is not some exotic recipe to cure your vision
This is not some form of marketing gimmick to sell you other stuff
You don’t have to endure the pain of going through laser eye surgery
You don’t have to spend any single cent on any of the above
And you don’t have to put your life on hold to achieve your perfect vision goals...


This is not any kind of program that you’ve ever tried before

You will have my promise that this course is gonna be that fun and you will feel the change to your vision the minute you commit to transforming your eyesight.

Don’t you deserve to...

See better close up without reading glasses?
See better even in dim light?
Avoid and eliminate the use of bifocals?
Waking up and seeing the alarm clock clearly?
Save tons of money for other better things, other than the stupid old glasses
Not being hand-cuffed to the glasses and contacts just to get through the day


So what are you waiting for?..Let’s get started right now

Internet Security Notice

Your payment is processed via Paypal & Clicbank order system which are the most secure and trustworthy online method of payment worldwide and I will not have any access to your credit card details


Do yourself a favour now and don’t procrastinate. Perfect Vision Without Lenses™ may be your first and only chance to gain your freedom from ever worrying about failing eyesight, again.

Remember, you will have a full 60 days to review and inspect Vision Without Lenses, put the methods to test and see how it works for you.

With my iron clad guarantee 100% refund guarantee, there will be no risk on your part. To be frank with you, you have nothing to lose by at least trying out the system, so click on the order link today!


Dr Thomas Randall
Certified Optometrist & Educator
Stanford Institute For Natural Vision
Dr Bates Teacher & Researcher

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P.P.P.S. Unlike traditional shipment, there's no waiting period from your side to access the material. Once your order has been completed you'll be able to download the program into your computer immediately. No hassles and no worries!


If you have a medical condition like diabetes that's causing your vision problems, unfortunately the program won't help. And if you're just looking for a "quick fix," this program isn't for you either.

But if you're searching for a way to improve the clarity of your vision naturally, without the damaging effects of glasses and contacts or risky laser surgery, then the Vision Without Lenses is the answer you've been looking for. It can improve your vision so much that it could change your life. Just like it did for these people...

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Here are more success stories from others who have tried this system

Testimonial #10

This is seriously one of the best natural eye healing methods I've ever seen. It's been written in a very concise manner and very easy to read, especially for non-technical person like me.

The author has given many ideas and practical tips on improving one's eyesight and has even given a complete walkthrough on some of the advanced eye massing techniques to implement.

Leonard S. Shelton 
Cleveland, OH


Testimonial #11

I remember once when I asked my eye doctor if I can ever get back my normal eyesight. He gladly said no and the only thing that could help me out was keep wearing on the prescription glasses.

Just when I was about to give up a friend of mine recommended me to this site. And after reading your whole letter I thought there was nothing to lose for just trying out.

After downloaded the materials, I started to go through every single page especially the ones about the specific eye massage techniques which were both intriguring as well as informative.

As for the results, I did notice some slight improvement over my sight after a couple of days though. Even thought I haven't achieved full perfect vision yet, but I have full confidence that with Dr Thomas's Vision Without Lenses I would one day reach the day where I will never need my glasses anymore.

Thanks for your great program!

Catherine R. Perez
Arlington, WA  


Frequently asked questions about Vision Without Lenses

What Exactly Are The Contents Of This Program?
Vision Wtihout Lenses™ contain helpful and effective natural vision treatment methods which are meant to help you achieve better vision for the rest of your life. It covers all the major elements which are already proven by countless researchers around the world as well as the people who have benefited from the vision techniques.

Is This Program Available In Hard Copy?
There will not no hard copy version available from this website. As such you will not find this program in any book store. All the materials are made available only in digital form so you can instantly download into your computer or laptop and get started with the program right away.

How Can I Be Sure It's Safe To Order Online From Your Website?
When you order from our side, the whole transaction will take place in a highly secured system, where nobody else including us will get to know your personal credit card information. This transaction is handled by on of the world's premier credit card processor, Clickbank, which is a Verisign-trusted site and have been online with a reputation of umcompromisable integrity for more than 10 years.

How To Order The Program Now?
You can order this program by click on this link

What Is The Cost Of Shipping?
There will be no shipping cost as the whole program is digitized and can be downloaded from the Internet into your computer.




INSTANT DIGITAL DELIVERY: Vision Without Lenses™ is an e-book which is downloadable to your computer. There will be no physical product to be sent or shipped to you. This ebook is not available in bookstores nor in hard copy format. After you've completed your purchase, you will get access to the page where you can download this ebook immediately. To read this ebook, you will require the use of Adobe Acrobat PDF reader, which can be obtained by accessing this site. It is fully compatible with either Mac of PC computers and you can print it out using your printer. As long as your mobile device is compatible with Adobe Acrobat, there will be problem accessing this ebook from the said devices.

RESULTS DISCLAIMER: Results as shown in the testimonials of this site may not be typical. This is not a drug prescription program. Vision Without Lenses™ is a healthy and safe program as well as long term approach to improving your vision naturally and permanently.

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